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Miltonnug [Reagovat]
[#59149] (23.01.2019 04:06:27)
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Jasondaund [Reagovat]
[#59148] (23.01.2019 04:04:06)
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GregoryMeple [Reagovat]
[#59147] (22.01.2019 19:27:18)
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fup [Reagovat]
[#59146] (22.01.2019 16:18:07)
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Lenchildok [Reagovat]
[#59145] (22.01.2019 13:43:14)
avatar uživatele LenchildokОтредоктировала.. так как сама нашла все)

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TommyCrymn [Reagovat]
[#59144] (22.01.2019 12:26:23)
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JamesDARSE [Reagovat]
[#59143] (22.01.2019 08:56:22)
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potapovyigoren [Reagovat]
[#59142] (22.01.2019 07:59:36)
avatar uživatele potapovyigorenPřijde čas a blíží se království Boží: pokání a věřit v evangelium.
(Mark 1:15 evangelia)

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.
(Mark 1:15)

shanees18 [Reagovat]
[#59141] (22.01.2019 04:37:53)
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JohnnyOrdib [Reagovat]
[#59140] (21.01.2019 23:46:43)
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